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What does the error message "550 5.0.0 No longer accepting from this IP range" mean?
Why am I seeing this page?

The IP address or CIDR block of IP addresses which your email was relayed through is no longer permitted to mail us for one or more of multiple factors, #1 always being true:

  1. We received spam/abuse from this IP range

  2. The owners of the IP range do not have valid contact addresses listed to report abuse to

  3. The owners of the IP range do not respond to abuse complaints

  4. The owners of the IP range do not act on abuse reports

  5. The owners of the IP range knowingly and deceptively de-list their IP space from block lists such as Spamcop without taking action to curb abuse

  6. The IP range owners use bogus contact information

  7. Junk mail received from this range contained bogus or non-existent unsubscribe data

  8. Junk mail received from this range contained mulch (random or sequential content unrelated to the body of the email included for no other purpose than to confuse or circumvent junk filters)

How do I resolve a GBL listing?

Grande will not remove any listings unless the offending entity does each of the following as applicable:

  1. Contacts us at postmaster at grandecom dot net with explanation for the abuse and assurance that it will not continue (submissions will only be accepted from the actual IP owners, not end-users of the space.)

  2. Updates abuse.net and spamcop.net databases with valid, deliverable addresses

  3. Responds in a timely fashion to a random verification email sent to aforementioned contacts

  4. STOPS SPAMMING. If we see repeated activity, the block will be reinstated immediately and permanently

I'm not sending any junk mail to anybody, so why are you punishing me?

By the nature of how providers allow shared access to resources, we have no way of differentiating between abusive and conventional transmissions from a given source. The cost of protecting our customers regrettably ends up inconveniencing others. It is always a last resort to block your provider, but unfortunately we are only another location on the Internet to them you on the other hand are a customer and can demand that your host police its activities and stop affecting your outbound mail! Our own customers demand (and receive) that courtesy from us.
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