Frequently Asked Questions & How-Tos

Can I check my email when I'm away from home?
Yes. Grande WebMail provides an alternative way to check email from any browser on any Internet-connected machine when you are away from home. You will use your standard Grande Username and Password to log in. You will find that WebMail has all of the basic functionality of a standard email program. For your convenience, all email viewed in WebMail will remain on our email servers until you physically delete it. You can delete email from within WebMail, or simply retrieve it with your regular email program when you get back home. To connect to WebMail:

Click on your start menu, then click the Internet Explorer icon.

Type http://webmail.grandecom.net in the toolbar Address line and press Enter.
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What is my Email quota?
100 MB (* increased from 20MB in February 2007!)
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How many recipients can I have on a single email?
500 (* increased from 100 in February 2007!)
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How can I email more than 500 recipients at one time??
You cannot do it at one time, however you can create groups of less than 500 recipients and send a separate email to each group. See this FAQ for more information.
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What is the largest email I can send?
50MB. NOTE: Email programs use MIME encoding to convert your attachments into a format suitable for emailing. Typically, this will take as much room as 33% of the original file size (it is called "overhead" So an attached file that is only 15MB in size can result in a 20MB email! If you run into limitations as a result of this overhead, you might try using ftp instead to transfer large files.
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How long does Grande keep my Email on the server?
All unread mail will be stored for a MINIMUM of 60 days before being deleted. Mail that has been downloaded but not deleted (this would include email viewed but not deleted with Webmail) will be stored for a MINIMUM of 30 days. Aging is done alphabetically by day by username. On the first day of the month (01) mail belonging to usernames beginning with the letter 'a' is aged, the second day, usernames beginning with the letter 'b' and so on. No mail is aged after the 26th of any month until the 1st of the next month. If you have an extended absence where you will be unable to check mail within this time frame, please email support@grandecom.com and we will temporarily mark your account to allow a longer storage duration.
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How can I keep read email longer than 30 days?
Simply log into Webmail and move the messages into a different folder than your Inbox, and mail will not be aged! Keep in mind though that over time this may cause you to fill up your mailbox, and the best possible solution is to download the messages back to your own computer.
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How can I get old messages out of Webmail onto my computer?
Easy! Move them all into your Inbox folder, and then just check your email using Outlook Express or any other standard POP3 email software.
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Is my username or password case-sensitive?
Your return address is never case-sensitive - you may configure it to read any mixture of case that you prefer, and any combination of case that your correspondents use in the To: field of their messages to you will result in a successful delivery. ie. if you are johndoe@grandecom.net, you will receive mail for any case derivative of this such as 'JohnDoe@grandecom.net'. The only time you will need to be aware of case-sensitivity is in your actual email program configuration where the 'POP3 Username' setting should be configured as all lower-case. This is only your setting to access the mail server - nobody you correspond with will ever see this setting.
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Why am I able to enter additional characters in my password and still authenticate?
No matter the length of your password, the mail server only looks at the first 8 characters. So if you enter in fewer or extra characters, as long as the first 8 are correct, you will authenticate. Grande recommends the use of stronger, not longer passwords. An example of a good password is one that mixes up case, uses some numeric characters, and possibly even an extended alpha character. ie. 'f0xtrOT#' is extremely secure.
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Can I send mail via the Grande servers at work, at a friend's house, or while travelling?
Yes, there are several methods for doing so:

* CHECK your email first, and then the IP address of your remote location will be permitted to send mail for 30 minutes. Each time you check mail again, you will extend your "send window" for a new full 30 minutes. If you are at a hotel or on a corporate network which blocks conventional (port 25/tcp) outbound SMTP, please use one of the alternative port methods described below. This will be necessary if you get an instant "Connection refused" error when attempting to send email.

* Set your email program to use the submission protocol (port 587/tcp) in your outgoing (SMTP) server settings. When you send mail for the first time, you will be prompted for your Grande username and password. Enter (and save) it the same way you would when configuring for receiving mail (lower-case username with no @ signs)

* Set your email program to use the SMTP over SSL or encrypted SMTP authentication (port 465/tcp) on outgoing server mail.mygrande.net (if you use mail.grandecom.net you may get a certificate warning which can be safely confirmed as an exception within your mail client if you wish.) Again, you will be prompted for your Grande username and password when sending for the first time.
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Can I check my mail from a remote location?
Yes, you can access the POP3 server from anywhere. You can also use http://webmail.grandecom.net/ to send/receive mail if you do not have mail client software installed on the PC that you are using.
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People are receiving emails that say they are from me but I am not sending them. Why is this happening?
Most viruses that generate email have forged their "From" field -- in other words, the email appears to come from someone who in fact is not actually not the originator of the email. If your name is forged as the sender of the virus this does not mean that your account has been compromised. The email has not been sent from your account -- instead it has been sent forged in your name.

If someone reports an Email that you did not send you should instruct them to view the email headers and use the senders IP address to report the message to the abuse department of the provider from which it was sent.
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I am able to receive mail, but I can no longer send. Why?
You have likely been put in an SMTP-restricted service group that blocks your ability to send email based on the fact that you have an Email virus. By doing this, we prevent the spread of the virus to your friends and family and also keep the virus from using up all of your outbound bandwidth. If you are the recipient of such a filter, you should have already received a courtesy notification from Grande explaining the issue. As soon as your computer is disinfected, we will remove the restriction.
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I am unable to send attachments and get an error message immediately.
Our maximum message size is 50MB. If you are certain that your email is smaller than that, you might be infected with a virus. Our mail server scans every email for viruses and will not permit infected ones to pass through. If this happens to you, make sure you have antivirus software installed and the definitions are up to date.
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How do I set up email forwarding?
Visit https://admin.grandecom.net to set up forwarding.
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What are the mail server (pop3/smtp) settings?
SMTP/Outgoing: mail.grandecom.net
POP3/Incoming: mail.grandecom.net
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What does the message "OE has removed access to unsafe attachments" mean?
This is just a setting in Outlook Express that disables attachments. To fix this, Open Outlook Express, click Tools -> Options -> Security and uncheck the option to disallow unsafe attachments. Also, ensure that you are running up-to-date virus protection software.
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What does "550 5.7.1 Refused" mean?
This error message will always be followed by ONE of the following:
  • See: http://njabl.org/cgi-bin/lookup.cgi?query=[IP]
  • See: http://www.dnsbl.sorbs.net/cgi-bin/lookup?IP=[IP]
  • See: http://www.abuse.net/sbl.phtml?IP=[IP]
  • See: http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml?[IP]
(where [IP] is the blocked IP address.) Visiting the link any of these error messages will give the exact reason for the block and instructions for removal from the respective blacklist.
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What does the error "550 5.0.0 Please relay through your ISP mail server" mean?
The IP address of the sending email server has inverse DNS resolving to a suffix which is known dynamic space (ie. dyn.foo.com or adsl.bar.com.) Once the DNS is modified to reflect something non-dynamic (such as ip.foo.com or mail.bar.com) the Grande servers will automatically accept email from that host - no notification to the Grande administrators is necessary.
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What does the error "421 4.3.2 Connection rate limit exceeded" mean?
The Grande email systems utilize throttling mechanisms to mitigate the negative effects of various denials of service, intentional or otherwise. The system will permit up to 4 connections in a given one minute period to any host, however they may only have 2 simultaneous connections at any given time during that period. If either threshold is exceeded, the mail server will temporarily refuse subsequent connections from that host for 60 seconds at which point redelivery can then be attempted. If you are receiving this error, you are likely using mailing list software which cannot decipher the temporary fail codes. If so, you will need to set your software to slow down its delivery rate and/or reduce the number of active connections per remote host.
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What does the error "553 5.5.4 ... Domain name required for sender address xxx.yyy.com" mean when I try to send an email?
It most likely denotes a misconfigured return address. The "Domain name required" part indicates that it expects an @ sign which is not present. So your email program is likely either configured with only a username (ie. "johndoe" or just the domain portion (ie. "grandecom.net" in your settings. Check the setting "Return address" or "Email address" It should be filled out in the format "johndoe@grandecom.net".
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What does the error message "Relaying denied" mean?
The email server is not allowing you to send mail because it does not recognize your IP address. You are likely not connected to Grande directly, but rather (a) dialed into another provider, (b) at your office, or (c) travelling. Simply CHECK your email before attempting to send. This will permit your current location to send email for a period of 30 minutes. Each time you successfully check your email, your full 30 minute 'send window' will be refreshed. If you are using Outlook (Express), the Send/Receive button will attempt to SEND first. So if you have any mail waiting to go out, temporarily move it into another folder, then hit Send/Receive to authorize your IP, and then resend your pending emails.
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Who is MAILER-DAEMON, and why are they mailing me?
MAILER-DAEMON is part of our mail system. If there is an error in delivering an email you sent, it will return the email to you along with an outline of the problem at the top.

NOTE: Read your Mailer-Daemon messages! Often times the message is just a courtesy notification, and you do NOT have to attempt to resend your message! In the case of temporary failures (very common) the Grande Email system will continue to attempt to deliver your message every 15 minutes for the next 5 days. If at that point your message still does not get through, it will be returned to you with a permanent failure error.
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How can I decipher bounce messages from Mail Delivery Subsystem?
The important part is below the line that says "Transcript of session follows". Below this line, you will the reason that the message was not delivered. Some common ones are:

Can't Create Output

The most probable cause for this message is a full recipient mailbox. If somebody is mailing you and getting this error, then you have exceeded your email quota. To correct this problem, simply download all your email messages. You may need to check your mail software to ensure that you are not using the option "Leave email on server". You can also use Grande Webmail to locate and delete any large messages to free up some space. If you are emailing somebody else and receiving this bounce message, you should probably contact them via alternate means and let the person know!

Name Server Timeout

This means that the domain of the address you are emailing to could not be looked up because we could not contact their DNS servers. This is probably due to either a typo of their domain in your email or a serious problem with your correspondents provider.

Deferred: Connection timed out

For some reason, our mail server cannot talk to your recipients mail server. This might be due to filter in place on their side or some other issue.

Host unknown

This is probably due to a typo of the email address you are sending to. Recheck and make sure that you are sending to the correct address.

User unknown

The address you are trying to email to does not exist. Please check and make sure you are sending to the correct address.

MX list for xxxx.xxxxx points back to xxx.xxxx.xxxx

Check the address you are trying to send email to. You probably have the domain portion of their address entered incorrectly.
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My email client keeps asking for my password. What can I do to make it stop?
This is caused by one of several factors. First, check you configuration to see that you have Save Password checked. If so, and you are still getting prompted for your password, try re-typing your password in the configuration section of your email client. It could have been previously entered incorrectly.
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Why am I getting email that is addressed to someone else?
A common tactic of junk mailers is to specify one of the recipients in the To: field and then use what is called 'Blind Carbon Copy' to silently instruct the mail server as to which other addresses should receive the email, yours being one of them. This makes it appear as if you are receiving someone else's email, but due to the BCC, you were actually receiving an additional copy. Grande already takes a number of steps to reduce the amount of junk email that users receive, however you can enable more aggressive filtering on your account by using our Email Admin site at https://admin.grandecom.net/. Please be sure to take a look at Spam Assassin FAQ first in order to find out which method of filtering works best for you!
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Can I create additional email accounts?
Yes! Log in to https://admin.grandecom.net to add more email addresses.
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Are autoresponders available?
Yes, log in to https://admin.grandecom.net and click on Bouncer.
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Can I change my password online?
Visit https://admin.grandecom.net to administrate your account.
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What does the error message "550 5.0.0 No longer accepting from this IP range" mean?
This means that Grande has filtered a CIDR block of IPs (usually a full /16) for one or more of multiple factors, #1 always being true:
  1. We received spam/abuse from this IP range
  2. The owners of the IP range do not have valid contact addresses listed to report abuse to
  3. The owners of the IP range do not respond to abuse complaints
  4. The owners of the IP range do not act on abuse reports
  5. The owners of the IP range actually collect email addresses of people sending abuse reports and spam them too!
  6. The IP range owners use bogus contact information
The geographic regions that are most prevalent for this type of filter (in order of frequency of listing) are Korea, China, Brazil and Spain (.kr, .cn, .br, .es are their TLDs.) At this time, Grande will not remove any listings unless the ISP does all of the following: Provides us with a list of all their IP ranges Configures inverse DNS for all IP ranges using a known and filterable format such as dyn.company.com.kr Provides us with an abuse contact which we can verify is active and responds promptly
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What should I do when I receive mail from MAILER-DAEMON?
You should read what it says below the "Transcript of session follows" line. If it is an error where you possibly had a typo in the email address, correct it and try to send again. For other errors, please contact our technical support team.
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Do you back up my email messages?
All of your email is stored on a redundant (RAID) array comprised of multiple hot-swappable disk drives. Thus you can be sure stored mail is always safe, HOWEVER if you yourself delete an email, it is gone forever! Thus, you should always download important email to your own computer and back up your system frequently.
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Is there anything I can do to prevent spam? What does Grande do to prevent spam?
Visit our Spam FAQ for more information about our policies.
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Is there anything I can do to prevent email viruses? What does Grande do to prevent email viruses?
Please visit our Virus FAQ for more information.
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How do I set up my email client?
Please visit our Internet tips page for more information.
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What is my email Master Account?
If a Master Account has been created for you it will be the only login capable of managing other accounts with Email Administration. If you already have a master account the UserID will be your account number.

If you would like to have a master account created, or if you do not remember your password, please call Technical Support and we will assist you.
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Is the email Master Account a real email address?
No, the email Master Account is only a login for use with Email Administration. It is not capable of receiving email.
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What functions can the email Master Account perform?
The email Master Account can add new email accounts and delete existing email accounts using Email Administration. The email Master Account can also reset passwords for all other email accounts when needed.
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What is email phishing?
Phishing is the term used by Internet scammers who imitate legitimate companies in e-mails to entice people to share user names, passwords, account information or credit card numbers.
The term Phishing comes from the fact that Internet scammers are using increasingly sophisticated lures as they "fish" for users' private information. The most common ploy is to copy the look and feel of a web page from a major site and use that design to set up a nearly identical page that appears to be part of the company's site.

There are several steps you can take to make sure you never fall for one of these scams:
Always be suspicious of any email or phone call that asks for your personal account information, such as usernames, passwords, and account numbers. emails, phone calls, text messages, instant messages, or Web logs that appear to come from a reliable source may not always be authentic.
Grande will NEVER ask you for password information via phone or email, as that information is private and is only known by you.
Grande will NEVER ask for billing or payment information through email.
Always be extra cautious when giving out your personal information on the phone
Always ensure that you're using a secure server when submitting credit card information. To make sure you're using a secure server, check the beginning of the web address in your browsers address bar - it should be https:// rather than just http://. Contact your bank or Credit Card Company if you think you may have replied to a fraudulent email with sensitive personal information.

For more information you can visit this website: http://onguardonline.gov
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