Frequently Asked Questions & How-Tos

How long will Usenet service be available?
Newsgroup service has been discontinued as of August 2015.

We recommend Easynews or Giganews as very competent and reasonably priced alternatives should you still require this service.
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What is the newsgroup server URL?
Grande's newsgroup server is news.grandecom.net.
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How many simultaneous connections are permitted?
You may open two connections per IP address.
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What is the maximum usable bandwidth per connection?
1024 kbps per thread (2048 kbps total per IP address)
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What is the retention time of messages?
Text: About 2 years, Binary: Approximately 4 months.
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Can I access the Grande news server when I am travelling?
No, our server only permits access to customers physically on the Grande network. If you need access while travelling, you might consider a third party news service such as Giganews or Easynews.
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How can I add a newsgroup to the Grande Usenet servers?
All valid Usenet newsgroups have a control message stored at ftp://ftp.isc.org/pub/usenet/control/alt/ - if the requested group exists there, we will add it promptly. Please contact our Technical Support Center to request it. If you are attempting to create a new group, please follow the directions at http://www.visi.com/~barr/alt-creation-guide.html and http://www.gweep.ca/~edmonds/usenet/good-newgroup.html. After the control message is created, please contact us to add the new group.
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